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by Abigail Afriyie 

  • Have you ever excitedly purchased an outfit online thinking it would look stunning on you, only to find out it’s two sizes bigger/smaller than you upon delivery? It’s a big slap in the face we’ve all experienced and nothing hurts like it! This kind of disappointment has deterred many from purchasing items online. Whether we believe it or not, online shopping is the future of commerce and it is therefore essential for shoppers to know how to select the precise garment size in order to avoid disappointment. The key to a successful online shopping experience is not only knowing what you want but also your body measurements and how it correlates to the sizing system of the fashion company you’re shopping from. Every fashion company has their own unique sizing chart system. For example, you may be a size 2 in one fashion company but a size 4 with another. Therefore, it is essential for you to have your body measurements on hand in order to select the right clothing size. Knowing your body measurements is also extremely helpful in situations where you might be getting clothes custom made with a selected fabric (e.g African print).

    Luckily, Obioma Fashion has put together a short, but comprehensive guide on how to take measurements for both men and women. The basic tools needed for this task are:
    a measuring tape
    pencil or pena notebook. Alternatively, you could simply use your cellphone to record your measurements. It would also be extremely helpful if you had a friend or family member present to help you measure hard-to-reach spots of your body like your back. In order to get the most accurate measurement, ensure that you are wearing clothes that are form-fitting such as a bra, leggings, shorts, tight tank top, etc. While measuring around your body, make sure the measuring tape is not too tight/ loose, but rather snug and comfortable in order to produce accurate results. In cases where the tape goes around the body, ensure that the tape is level and not lopsided. These are the basic tips on how to take measurements for online shopping (African print) and further details can be found on Obioma’s measuring guide (“Taking Your Measurements”). If you follow the simple steps, you will be on your way to not only purchasing a form-flattering outfit but also taking charge of your shopping experience.
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Female and Male Schematics

Here are our dancing outfits.  

Beat the Heat in African Fabrics this Summer
by: Madison Comeau

  • We get it - when you think of summer style, the African Ankara fabrics we carry are not always the first to come to mind to achieve a look that keeps you looking and feeling cool. This summer is the second hottest ever recorded, and we are positive you are doing everything possible to chill out. But our gorgeous models and we are here to show you that keeping easy and breezy this summer CAN be achieved with textures you may not have thought!

Tip 1: Keep it Simple Let’s be honest: the bold, bright print of our Lesha Maxi Dress speaks for itself. It is one of our newest pieces, and for obvious reasons, one of our favorites. By effortlessly throwing on a dress like this and keeping your accessorizing to a minimum, the only thing stopping you from conquering the heat is the amount of time you’ll spend looking in the mirror before leaving the house. We carry 31 different dress styles in different lengths, prints, and bold colors so you can find the option that best suits you. 

Tip 2: Deconstruct your Sets Some of our favorite items we carry are our sets. There is no easier way to match with such ease! However, we recognize that our fabrics are not the lightest, and wearing two pieces made of the African Ankara fabric might be too much to handle this record-breaking summer. So why not take your favorite sets and mix and match them? Our Udala Shirt and Shorts Set in our newly carried color is the perfect candidate to mix and match with other colors, prints, and textures. The shorts, naturally a heat-beater, can be paired with a cotton tank or t-shirt of your color of choice. The shirt, which allows for layering underneath too, would look amazing with your favorite pair of linen pants. Oh, and did we mention this set comes in white and yellow too? 

Tip 3: Buy Clothes Made to Move Bust a move to take a look at our dancing clothes section! No matter your dancing abilities, these Dancing Joggers and our plethora of other dancing clothes are made for movement- meaning they are prepared for their purchaser to break a sweat. Our dancing clothes are some of our lightest weight pieces and are far too stunning to solely be left to the dance floor. These pants can be casually paired with a tank like the model is shown or even with a button-down if you are looking to dress it up a bit. 

 Tip 4: Check out other Fabrics …Ok, this tip might be cheating a bit. But we couldn’t help it in taking a chance to show our new custom Ehie T-shirt! When you’re looking to dress it down a little bit in some casual basics, our T-shirt is just for that occasion! This product may be our ultimate tool for keeping it cool and adding your own personalized touch when you order is just all the more reason to shop with us for casual wear too! No matter how you choose to beat the heat this summer, Obioma has a way for you to do it. Our most important tips are to stay true to your style, and that the best summer accessory is ALWAYS a water bottle. Stay cool, readers!

Take a Dive into Obioma’s Casual Wear
by:Madison Comeau

  • When the Obioma brand began, visions of beautiful African gowns and outfits for dancers that allow for effortless movement filled our site and ideas for future designs. The more we learn about what our brand and designs mean to us and you, the more ideas expand beyond the initial vision of the brand. Beyond the Egwu joggers, dancing skirts, Nwoke shorts, and other dancing items, our brand has not truly taken a dive into casual wear- until now. 

With the introduction of our Ehie T-Shirt and Deji Sweater, African fashion has never been this comfortable and effortless before! The customizable Ankara embossment on the front of the shirt remains consistent with what our brand has set out to do- seamlessly blend African and Western fashion. With this hint of Obioma’s roots, African clothes have taken on a new everyday loungewear look. 

Like many of our clothing offerings, the Ehie T-Shirt and Deji Sweater are customizable. Using the link under Custom on the items’ pages, you can leave a message specifying colors, fabrics, and designs for the Ankara embossment on the front. We think of our customizable pieces as collaborations with our customers, and we want YOU to take a part in the design process!  

These pieces are one-of-a-kind, and are also discounted when ordered in large quantities. They are perfect for college and high school groups, your school’s African association, family reunions, and any event that calls for a unique touch on your new favorite matching items. We hope you love our take on casual wear as much as we do, and join us in our process! 

Transitioning Summer Wardrobes to Fall
by: Madison Comeau

  • Falling into a pattern of buying clothes while they are in season is tricky. It seems that by the time you’ve bought your perfect summer wardrobe, it’s time to start bundling up. Your brand new sundress and lightweight tops are cycled out before they have had the chance to see the outdoors. But before you shove your shorts to the back of your closet, read these tips to turn your summer wardrobe into fashion-forward fall outfits.  

Tip 1: Layer Over 

The contrast between your flowy summer pieces and the sharp look of a blazer or jacket like our Ugo Blazer is one of the simplest ways to transition from summer to fall. Even from day to night, when temperatures remain high until nightfall, keeping a just-in-case jacket with you never hurts, especially style-wise. The deep green and hints of orange in this blazer make this multi-color piece easy to pair and in a perfect autumnal color scheme.  

Tip 2: Layer Under

You’ve probably heard this a million times over, but this tip is such a classic, we couldn’t resist. Turtlenecks, long sleeves, and even just t-shirts are some of the best transitional pieces in anyone’s wardrobe. Our Nneka Sun Dress is undeniably stunning on its own and fits a perfect color scheme for fall. Adding a maroon or black turtleneck underneath is the perfect touch to make this piece more weather-appropriate as the days get shorter and chillier.  

Tip 3: Bust out the Boots
Yet another classic, boots will never go out of style. Paired here with our Obiageli Strapless Dress, the footwear chosen elongates the look and keeps the attention on the flowy dress that can be worn year-round. This timeless pairing is classy, chic and keeps your feet protected from the ever-changing weather. Zipping up your favorite pair of boots really is one of the best ways to prepare your dresses, skirts, and even shorts for the upcoming season. 

Tip 4:  Giving in to Temptation
Sooner or later, you may find yourself giving in or getting bored with re-styling your summer wardrobe. And that’s ok! We are always around when you decide to treat yourself, and buy to bundle-up when it comes time. Our brand new Lagos Cape is ready to warm you up when you possibly fall into the same habits, and buy for the fall mid-season. When the winter comes, we’ll have a tip for that as well.

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