February 1, 2024

African Fashion in the West

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African fashion is distinct from other clothing designs, fabrics, and colors. Africa is recognized for its bold and colorful prints, which are seen in African-descended pop artists like Grammy Award-Winning Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys.

However, these iconic African prints and trends have begun to be adapted to the American culture. Diverse fashion trends are being celebrated on social media from hoop/decorative earrings, African print dresses, bell sleeves, Ankara fabrics, and tie-dyes, to headwraps.

Although we love to see it, let’s dive into how African fashion moved to the West and why it has remained to be influential.


There are multiple staple pieces from Africa that have been modernized.

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A traditional Kente Robe. The image depicts President Julius Nyerere of Tanganyika in 1963, who was elected five times before his retirement.


Our modern Kente robe. 

Not only is it a representation of rich culture, but fashion aids in economic development.


There are various regions in Africa which all offer their distinct style. Featuring AKUKU, our clothing collection of different regions:

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African fashion is undeniably an art. The colors and prints add a fabulous sense of liveliness to any outfit, and there is a large world of African fashion still yet to explore.