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Obioma Fashion can attend your panel or conference. Our Managing Director, Emeka Anyadiegwu, has presented at prestigious meetings such as Harvard’s African Development Conference, Yale University’s Black Solidarity Conference, and Princeton’s Africa Summit

Are you looking for individuals or companies to attend your presentations? At Obioma Fashion, we value collaboration and connection. We especially relish in events that elevate the African Fashion industry. Read on to see what we’re all about!

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Designed in America and produced in Nigeria, Obioma blends African and Western fashioneffortlessly. At Obioma, our customizable pieces are ethically sourced by the Fair Trade Act andavailable to be shipped worldwide. We aspire to deliver beautiful prints and silhouettes rangingin sizes from XS to 5XL. For every type of event, Obioma provides you with an option. Whetherit be casual joggers or stunning gowns, our family-owned business has your back!

My name is Emeka Anyadiegwu, and I am the Managing Director of Obioma Fashion. We are a fashion brand that mixes African fabrics with Western styles. We started in 2016 and have been in fashion shows all over the nation, such as DC Fashion Week, Full Figured Fashion Week, and Chicago Fashion Week. We have also showcased at over 50 schools and universities in America, such as the University of Chicago, Colgate University, Drexel University, Yale University, and Yale University. I went to Howard University for my Masters in Development Economics and I worked with Georgetown ASB’s Abissa Fashion Show.”

 - Emeka Anyadiegwu

Below, find further information about notable events we were involved in!


Director Manager Emeka Anyadiegwu attended the Princeton African Summit in 2022, where hespoke about how his Nigerian background and love for the arts led to the creation of ObiomaFashion. During his life at university, his peers noted his distinct and fresh outfits, which weredesigned in Africa.

Emeka enthusiastically spoke about how he now has the chance to share African pieceswith the world. Most importantly, he dedicates his work to spreading the belief that you canshare your love for culture with fashion.


The Director Manager Emeka Anyadiwegu spoke alongside other business professionals in the Fashion industry such as Tiffany James, the founder of Modern Black Girl (or ModernBlkGirl).

During the panel, Emeke Anyadiwegu describes how Obioma Fashion was inspired by his family. Anyadiwegu specifically dedicates his career to his sister, who works in the Fashion industry, and his auntie, who works in African clothing development in New York.

Although the professionals speak on the challenges of being business owners, they highlight that they adore seeing black joy and individuals blossoming due to their companies. According to Anyadiwegu, Obioma Fashion has expanded job opportunities in Nigeria and he acknowledges the skills required in the fashion industry in the panel. The ability to build trust among customers and give back to the community are expressed to be considerable values in business.

The Director Manager is grateful to have seen the company’s triumph in the past seven years and the trust being put into the business. The panelists especially encouraged Black individuals and people of African descent to become entrepreneurs.


Director Manager Emeka Anyadiwegu spoke alongside professionals in the panel for growing the continent through sports, arts, and culture. The desire of this panel was to share the necessity to celebrate fine arts from different cultures and countries. They also addressed the shifting perception around art as a career.

Emeka Anyadiegwu shared that he learned “from the ground upwards” as a designer who had no past experiences in fashion. He trained solo through his errors from hosting photoshoots to learning from his mistakes. He stresses the connection between comprehending your missteps and sharpening your skills to become an effective leader.

A key to breaking into the fashion industry is high-quality photos, videos, and content. There is an immense value in marketing in fashion which can be done through photoshoots, fashion shows, and connecting with colleges (especially Ivy Leagues). Anyadiegwu sh

Georgetown African Business Conference Fashion Show 2023

Obioma Fashion’s clothing was featured in a glamorous fashion show for a Business Conference at Georgetown University

The collection featured multicolor printed blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, and shirts. The models also displayed our brand-new dancing and graduation outfits!


Are you interested in African culture? 
Are you interested in fashion?
Are you interested in learning how to blend Western designs with your culture? 

Obioma Fashion honors the arts and has a passion for sharing the implications of owning afashion business. Specifically, we prioritize conversations that honor African Descended people in the Fashion industry. Be part of intimate discussions and network with us! It’s time for an immersive dive into African Fashion!

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