Mackenzie Sullivan
January 31, 2024

Passion in Print: Obioma’s Style Guide to Valentine’s Day 2024

Here at Obioma Fashion, we love love! In the hectic rush that is the start of a new year, we know that Valentine’s Day can really sneak up on you, and there is a lot to plan like: who is going to be your Valentine? Will the store have your special someone’s favorite chocolate? What will I wear to date night? Well, at this point we can’t help you with a lot of those things, but we can help you pick out the perfect outfit, which will hopefully take some of the stress off. Still single? Don’t worry, take this as your sign from us to treat yourself to something new.

Valentine’s Day is popular here in the United States, but in Nigeria, people love to go above and beyond, making the traditions of America almost laughable to Nigerians. In Nigeria, the day is given the nickname “Vals”, and on February 14th, Lagos erupts into lively celebration. People give their partners cakes, romantic dinners and getaways, and even bigger gifts like cars. The whole city is decorated with red, pink, and white. Here in the United States, most of us are lucky to get flowers and a card, but I’m not complaining!

However you and your country choose to celebrate this day of love, we think it calls for a new outfit. What’s better than an elegant and romantic dress? Even if you are staying in with your person and ordering takeout, dressing up and lighting some candles can make any evening romantic. Get all dressed up, order your favorite food, and you are in for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Maybe you and your partner want to go out to eat to celebrate the special occasion and to celebrate your love for each other, that’s a good idea, too. Imagine this: you put on your favorite pink dress you bought at your local mall, not thinking anything of it. You get to the hottest restaurant in town, look around, and AH! Every woman in there is wearing the same dress. What’s the easiest way to combat this? Pattern. Patterns help you express your sense of style while still staying on theme for the colors of Valentine’s Day.

Patterns can be bold or subtle, but they are always beautiful, and allow you to show your uniqueness in the way you style yourself. Florals can be a nice touch for this special day, hopefully you were given some to match your dress! But, if something a little more simple is your style, that’s cool, too, there are plenty of more subtle patterns available. If you’re someone who really likes to keep it subdued with no pattern (don’t worry, we’re not judging!), you can opt for a more interesting silhouette, which can bring that more special flair to your outfit that you still may desire.

Men, you might think you have it a little more simple, but this is not true. If you don’t know what to wear, you can also consider prints as a way to make your style a little more interesting and engaging. Do you want to make your girl really happy? Maybe consider matching her outfit to your own. Wearing a similar color or print can show the world what a dynamic duo you truly are, and it is sure to impress your girl and cause heads to turn everywhere you look on Valentine’s Day.

From Nigeria to the United States, Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have a date yet- don’t worry- you still have time! In the meantime, while you wait for your crush to text you back, check out some of these items at Obioma Fashion, sure to impress your special someone on February 14th!