Payton Felix - April 01 2023

Finding The Perfect Sundress!

Happy April, everyone! It is officially spring, and I cannot be more excited. The weather’s slowly getting warmer, the sun is (finally) making its debut after months of being trapped behind all those grey clouds, and it’s actually staying light outside later than 5pm. These are exciting times. Before we know it, the sun will be shining until 10pm and we’ll all be spending most of our days drinking a cocktail at the beach. But, before we get a little too far ahead of ourselves, the spring season tends to usher in another activity. Yep, you guessed it, spring cleaning.

I might be alone on this one, but I love spring cleaning. Or, let me phrase it this way, I love decluttering – in the spring. The first area I tackle is my overflowing closet. After months of all my summer clothes being packed away in boxes, I finally get to sort through them and create my new wardrobe. Each season the one thing I am constantly searching for is the perfect summer dress.

A cute and flattering sundress is something every girl needs multiple of in her closet during the spring and summer months. It’s the perfect outfit. You don’t have to worry about putting an outfit together – it’s pretty much done for you. It’s comfortable – you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling your shorts down. And it’s breathable – no more sweating for you! Have I won all of you over yet? If not, perhaps these gorgeous dresses will.

Ekenwa Midi Dress

First up is our Ekenwa Midi Dress. This is a delightful and fun unlined (breathability, people!) mid-length dress designed with African Ankara print fabric. It’s high neck and knee length design keeps you conservative while showing off the perfect amount with a slit up your thigh and sleeveless design. This dress is perfect for going out to eat with your friends or grabbing drinks at that cool rooftop bar! Click on the image to shop this dress!

Uwaoma Dress

Next up is our Uwaoma Dress, one of my personal favorites. This elegant unlined mid-length wrap around dress is sewn with silk fabric is perfect for those sunny days ahead. I think this dress wins the award for the most sophisticated and comfortable summer dress ever. I, personally, am obsessed with the cream color, but it is available in multiple colors for our avid drink spillers out there. This dress is perfect for a shopping day or going to brunch with the girls! Click on the image to shop this product!

Uzo Mini Dress

Alright people, I am done playing it safe. If you really want to turn some heads this season, our Uzo Mini Dress is going to be perfect for you. This form fitting African Ankara print mini dress pretty much invented what a summer dress is all about. Available in multiple prints, this yellow and blue one is definitely my favorite. It provides the perfect pop of color without being too overwhelming. This dress is perfect for a dinner date or a rooftop party! Click on the image to view this product in our store!