Student Wedding Services with Obioma Fashion 

Obioma rents African wedding attire for student associations and fake weddings. We creature a lush and decadent display for your guests to enjoy and immerse themselves in the luxury of a wedding. Our wedding services uphold the tradition of African wedding adornment while putting a contemporary Obioma angle on it. Look at photos and video from UChicago's fake wedding event sponsored by Obioma Fashion for examples of what your event could look like.

Our outfits are made from fabric with intricate brocade, precise embroidery, and traditional African prints. These synthesize with historical and present cultural research to offer many costumes for your event. Your groomsmen, bridesmaids, bride, and groom will all be dressed beautifully at your event. 

Weddings with Obioma

We service not only student weddings, but real weddings, too. Contact Obioma Fashion for custom clothing for your African wedding for a guarunteed blend of the contemporary and tradition.