Payton Felix - Jan 17 2023

Colorize Your Winter Wardrobe with Our Azu Collection

During these winter months, the days are shorter, the weather is awful, and most of us can’t wait to curl up with a blanket at home. It seems that everything gets dark and dreary during this time. The one thing that doesn’t have to be is your outfit! Trust me, I love throwing on a pair of jeans and a black sweater and calling it a day. But, sometimes a pop of color is exactly what you need to tie an outfit together or, to simply put a little pep in your step. Our new Azu Collection is the perfect solution.

Mix and match with our Pitaya 3 PC. Set.  

The set includes a two-button coat, a vest, and pants which creates endless possibilities for outfit combinations. Swap out those jeans that you’ve probably worn three days in a row (don’t worry we are all guilty of this) and try these colorful tailored pants instead! Or throw on this cropped jacket to finish off your simple t-shirt and jeans combination. Or (for those who really want to make a statement) get creative with your style and layer this vest under a black blazer for some extra warmth. Or (if you’re really feeling the winter blues) wear all the pieces together for an effortlessly chic look! 

Innovate your outerwear with our Lagos Cape.

If you’re looking to stand out this winter ditch that North Face Parka and make a statement with our Lagos Cape. Too often the cold weather forces us to ruin our outfits with our boring winter coats. Now, while they are good at keeping us warm, they don’t do much for our style. Our Lagos Cape, hand-sewn with traditional African Ankara fabric, is the perfect solution. Throw it on over your outfit and you will fight off the cold while feeling like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket (sounds like heaven, right?). 

Add a pop of color with our Maíz Trench Coat.

In Winter 2023, trench coats are all the rage, and for good reason. Remember those horrible Parkas of Winter 2017 that remain a staple in our closets for when it’s below freezing? Trench coats have become the popular solution. They provide the same amount of warmth by reaching past your knees to keep your legs covered but, they uplift your outfit rather than destroy it. Break free from the basic colors of black or grey and add some color! Our Maíz Trench Coat is on trend, although it is anything but basic. Custom designed and hand-sewn with traditional African Ankara fabric, the 2 button, tailored look gives the allure of high-class fashion with a sophisticated style. Wear it as outerwear or as a matching set with our custom pants!

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