Casey Wheeler - 26 July 2023

African Fashion and Belts

Here at Obioma fashion, patterns are the forefront of what makes our clothing unique, beckoning to the hallmarks of our cultural aesthetics, and what better way to incorporate a bold accessory into any look than with a belt. Whether its over traditional Kente or Ankara, a well-chosen belt can act as a striking border to accentuate the natural beauty of the fabric and cut of a dress, bringing together contemporary and traditional elements. 

In Africa’s cultural artistic history, the natural curves and grace of the feminine body are celebrated, and belts serve as a tool for defining this. Hugging the waist or sitting gently on the hips, belts combined with dresses or parachute pants create flattering silhouettes. This silhouette gives an alluring feminine charm to the wearer. 

When wearing different prints between the bottom and top, too, the belt can create a visual barrier and break for the eye to understand the patterns as a cohesive body. With the Obuasi belt, you can incorporate different colors from the prints to tie them together. 

Belts can make a dress or break a dress. Take our selection of Kaftans–with a belt, these dresses transform into evening gowns. At Obioma Fashion, we believe that belts are more than just functional accessories; they are transformative elements that enrich and elevate African-inspired fashion. From accentuating the beauty of traditional fabrics to defining the waistline and celebrating the artistry of skilled artisans, belts play a vital role in our sartorial journey. We invite you to explore the versatility of belts and embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity in every outfit you wear. 

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