Egwu Dance Performers

Get Ready to Be Enchanted...

At Obioma, we're not just about fashion and runway shows. We're here to blow your mind with our incredible Egwu Dancing Performers. Our team of talented dancers will put on a 10 to 15-minute show that will leave you in awe. But it doesn't stop there! We love getting the crowd involved, so get ready to join in on the fun.

Our performances feature a talented ensemble of 1-6 dancers who showcase their mastery of movement, flawless synchronization, and boundless energy. Every step, every leap, and every twirl is meticulously choreographed to showcase the artistry of dance and evoke a sense of wonder in the audience. Yet, our shows are not merely a passive display of talent. We believe in creating a profound connection with our audience, involving them in the performance itself. Brace yourself to join us on stage for a moment of dance, or to cheer, clap, and celebrate alongside us. Together, we will create an immersive experience that lingers in the hearts of all.

In addition to our captivating dance routines, we proudly present a Nigerian (Igbo) Masquerade performance that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with contemporary dance. In a mesmerizing display of costumes, rhythmic drumming, and vibrant movements, our masquerade dancers will transport you into a world of cultural richness and mythological storytelling. Witness the centuries-old legacy of Nigeria come alive before your eyes, and feel the spirit of the masquerade envelop the entire audience. As always, audience interaction is a crucial part of our performance, enabling you to connect intimately with the cultural heritage and traditions we bring forth.

Whether it's a corporate event, wedding reception, or cultural festival, Dance Performers are here to make your occasion unforgettable. We bring the magic of dance to life, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So get ready to be mesmerized and book us for your next event. It's time to experience the joy and excitement of our extraordinary performances firsthand. Let's dance the night away!

If you want to hire us then email with Subject Line "Dancer Inquiry" 

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