Payton Felix - Feb 16 2023

School Services at Obioma Fashion

Here at Obioma Fashion we work with many University organizations providing clothes and talent for fashion shows, uniforms for dance teams, and customized caps gowns and stoles for graduation! We are the number 1 fashion brand that caters to school organizations. In the past we’ve worked with over 40 colleges and high schools including the University of Chicago, Northeastern University, and Brown University.

Fashion Shows.

We showcase our products at fashion shows all over the world. Last month, we were a part of the annual Winter Royaland Fashion Show in Heart of Chicago. If you’re wanting to put on your own fashion show, we are your go to store to find your outfits! You provide the models and the venue and we provide the clothes. All our clothes are available to rent or purchase for your organization. We can either ship the clothing to you, or we can attend the event and bring the clothing with us! All you need to do is let us know how many outfits you need and each of the model’s measurements. An event like this is a great way fundraise, bring awareness to an issue, or, simply, gain publicity for your organization. Let us bring the runway to you! Contact us for further information.

Dancing Uniforms.

We make customizable outfits for dance teams! We have joggers, crop tops, skirts, and more. On our website you can pick your favorite fabric and decide which style of uniform you would like. If you’re looking for a “hip-hop” style, try our joggers and crop top. Or, if you have more of a feminine team, try our skirts and tank tops. Whatever your team prefers, we’ve got you covered! Click here for further information.

Dancer Performers.

We perform at events such as guest speaker events, graduation ceremonies, or sporting events! Our top dancers will put on a 10-to-15-minute performance interacting with the crowd to wow your audience. Another option we have available is our traditional Nigerian (Igbo) Masquerade. This will be a 5-to-10-minute captivating performance for your audience. For both of these performances we are able to have between 1 and 6 dancers perform based on your needs. Contact us for further information.


We offer customizable school merchandise for your organization! We have sweatshirts, jackets, track suits, and many other styles to meet your needs. You can order them individually or as a group to coordinate matching outfits! We will send you our full fabric list for you to choose your favorite design. We can make them with African print, Caribbean print, and feature any country or flag that you like! Click here for further information.

Graduation Caps, Gowns and Stoles.

Perhaps most importantly, we make customized graduation caps, gowns, and stoles! Ditch those boring solid colors and choose one of our beautiful African fabrics so you can look your best on your special day. All of our items are available to be customized to represent your schools name, graduation year, feature any design you’d like to include, and are tailored to your desired length. Click here for further information.

Matching Outfits for E-Board.

We create custom group outfits for students or staff to wear at special events! All outfits are completely customizable. From the fabric to the style, the design is completely up to you! Contact us for further information.

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