Mackenzie Sullivan
February 14, 2024

How to Spice Up a Boring Outfit

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There is almost nothing worse than putting on an outfit, expecting it to be the best thing ever, then realizing it is a little lacking in the excitement department. Sometimes the silhouette of the outfit is drowning out your figure, the pattern is too chaotic and needs to be broken up, or just something is a little off, and you can’t quite place your finger on it. The key part many people miss when putting together outfits is accessories. Oftentimes, they are overlooked as people may think that the outfit speaks for itself or is not missing anything, but in many cases, any outfit can use some more accessorizing. In almost all situations, every outfit can use a little bit more accessories. Not only do they help to elevate the outfit beyond something that was just bought off the rack, they allow you to express yourself and your personal style, not to mention just give your favorite outfit a little bit of flair!

If you are someone who is a little apprehensive to dip your toes into the world of accessories, I love to start out with some staple jewelry that can be worn everyday and becomes a part of your personal uniform. This is why I love a staple like the Ebony Necklace, it is simple, chic, and a perfect everyday accessory for everyone. I love how this necklace tells others something about you (your zodiac sign), just by looking at your outfit. This necklace can be stacked with others for a more dimensional look, or kept on its own. The simplicity of this necklace against the bold and loud African prints creates a nice juxtaposition and symbiosis between the two pieces. I love pairing a necklace like this with my everyday rings and bracelets, and jewelry like this quickly can become a “part” of you, and is the perfect way to begin to understand accessorizing.

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Another essential -but often overlooked- element to an outfit is your bag that you carry. This has the potential to absolutely make or break your look. A bag is so important, not only because it holds all your necessities for your day to day life, but also because it really helps you express your style. A boring outfit can be made fun with a vibrant handbag, like this one. I absolutely am obsessed with the hot pink color of the Bundle Clutch. Not only is the texture of this bag visually interesting, but so is the color of the clutch, and color and texture are two of the most important elements to having a great, well rounded outfit. Don’t be afraid to have a colorful outfit, either. Matching one of our bright African dresses with this equally bright bag would be a great look. Don’t fall into the trap of only wearing neutrals with maybe one small pop of color, either. Often, people are afraid to experiment with color and pattern in their outfits because it is not super common, but some of the best outfits I have ever seen step outside of the box and outside of the designers comfort zone. Has anyone ever designed something for the runway that has looked the same as every other outfit on the street? No, probably not. A purse or any other bag is essential to accessorizing your outfit perfectly, and you should put some thought and consideration into your bag of choice next time you get dressed in the morning.

A more unique way to step up your outfit would be to wear your accessories on your head. Not only is a hat like the Concave Wool Hat perfect for when you have a bad hair day or you did not have time to style your hair, but it adds a bit of an interesting visual flair to your outfit that would not be there. A wool hat like this also would keep you warm in the winter months due to the material, but would not be so overbearing that you could not wear it at all when the months start to get warmer. If you are more of a fan of neutrals, a hat like this can satisfy your fashion sense while providing an interesting visual silhouette to your outfit. If you wore a hat like this, everyone would be asking where you shop!

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While there is no foolproof “recipe” for accessorizing, I will say, there are never too many accessories, and often, more is better! Don’t be afraid to play around in your closet, shop around, borrow your friend’s big hat or funky necklaces, and experiment. By stepping out of your stylistic comfort zone, you are sure to find something you like that will elevate your outfit visually, either through texture, color, or silhouette, all elements that are very important in creating a one of a kind outfit. Next time you put on your beautiful African prints, or any outfit for that matter, I encourage you to push yourself to spice it up with some accessories!