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Obioma Fashion

Store Location:

8120 Fenton St. Suite 204 Silver Spring, MD 20910 which is right next to Washington DC.

Contact Information
Phone #: (301) 658-8263
Instagram and Twitter: @myobioma
Facebook: Obioma Fashion
E-mail goz@myobioma.com

Obioma Fashion Story

African fashion made for the world.

Obioma Fashion is a fashion company that mixes African fashion with western fashion. Our clothes are designed in America, made in Nigeria and available worldwide. We do wholesale, retail and manufacturing for designers/ boutiques. 

We started in early April 2016; mixing African Prints with modern designs. All of our clothes are made in Nigeria with fair trade. We ship globally. We do wholesale and we make clothes for designers and companies.

Obioma's Meaning:

Obioma translates to an Igbo tailor which was coined after the Biafran War. Igbo people who lost the war and were impoverished made a living by carrying sewing machines on their heads, walking about mending clothes. From this humble beginning, they became multi millionaire businessmen. They were called the Obioma. Our logo has an Obioma on it.