Humility, Hard Work

Obioma Fashion

Obioma Fashion is a family-owned clothing company that creates a unique look by mixing African and western fashion. We created the company to promote African culture in a positive way and create job opportunities in Nigeria. All our products are designed in America, made in Nigeria, and available for shipping worldwide.

At Obioma, all our pieces are completely customizable, available to be shipped worldwide, and ethically sourced by the Fair-Trade Act. We aspire to deliver beautiful prints and silhouettes with ranging sizes from XS to 5XL. For every type of event, Obioma provides you an option. Whether it be casual joggers or stunning gowns, our family-owned business has your back.

Our Founders:

Emeka Anyadiegwu graduated in 2013 from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois with a bachelor’s in economics and a minor in management. After that he created Obioma Fashion, along with his family, in March of 2016 while attending graduate school at Howard University. Obioma Fashion began in Washington, DC where Emeka and his family opened their first physical location within a year of launching the business. Since then, Obioma Fashion has expanded to reside in Nigeria and Chicago, Illinois.

The Meaning Behind Our Name:

The term “Obioma” comes from the indigenous Igbo group of Eastern Nigeria. After losing the Biafran Civil War that lasted from 1967 to 1970, the Igbo people got to work. They carried sewing machines on top of their heads while walking around the community mending people’s clothes. Beginning as these humble initiators they’ve transformed into multi-millionaires carrying with them a story of strength and resilience. Branding the term Obioma for our fashion label, we carry these inspirations with us by representing the Igbo people in our logo and strive to serve the public with humility and care.

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