Have you ever excitedly purchased an outfit online thinking it would look stunning on you, only to find out it’s two sizes bigger/smaller than you upon delivery? It’s a big slap in the face we’ve all experienced and nothing hurts like it! This kind of disappointment has deterred many from purchasing items online. Whether we believe it or not, online shopping is the future of commerce and it is therefore essential for shoppers to know how to select the precise garment size in order to avoid disappointment. The key to a successful online shopping experience is not only knowing what you want but also your body measurements and how it correlates to the sizing system of the fashion company you’re shopping from. Every fashion company has their own unique sizing chart system. For example, you may be a size 2 in one fashion company but a size 4 with another. Therefore, it is essential for you to have your body measurements on hand in order to select the right clothing size. Knowing your body measurements is also extremely helpful in situations where you might be getting clothes custom made with a selected fabric (e.g African print).

Luckily, Obioma Fashion has put together a short, but comprehensive guide on how to take measurements for both men and women. The basic tools needed for this task are: a measuring tape pencil or pena notebook. Alternatively, you could simply use your cellphone to record your measurements. It would also be extremely helpful if you had a friend or family member present to help you measure hard-to-reach spots of your body like your back. In order to get the most accurate measurement, ensure that you are wearing clothes that are form-fitting such as a bra, leggings, shorts, tight tank top, etc. While measuring around your body, make sure the measuring tape is not too tight/ loose, but rather snug and comfortable in order to produce accurate results. In cases where the tape goes around the body, ensure that the tape is level and not lopsided. These are the basic tips on how to take measurements for online shopping (African print) and further details can be found on Obioma’s measuring guide (“Taking Your Measurements”). If you follow the simple steps, you will be on your way to not only purchasing a form-flattering outfit but also taking charge of your shopping experience.