Akuku Africa Collection

Akuku means “side” in Igbo, the predominant native language of Nigeria. These featured collections are created to illustrate Africa's distinct cultural and fashionable sides. Take a quick journey through the collections and find your favorite new look!

Kente Collection

The gorgeous Kente collection is abundant with trendy styles and warm multicolor patterns. Not only are they flashy, but they’re also created for your joy and comfort. The collection includes dresses, robes, and skirts with geometric prints for everyone to model. We’re excited for you to add a flair of vibrant African fashion!

East Africa Collection

We love this distinctive collection of garments inspired by East Africa. With new subtle and multicolor embroidery patterns, these clothes are made with love and traditional African fabric. The collection includes black and white clothing items like skirts and shirts embellished with delicate prints. Add an essence of simple beauty and elegant African fashion to your closet!

Modern West African Collection

The Modern West African Collection is perfect for anyone looking to feel like royalty at their next best event. The apparel includes sophisticated and modern designs with deep colors that we are absolutely enamored with. Impress your loved ones with these luxurious and cultural looks!

Traditional West African Collection

We are so excited to add this Traditional West African Collection, which features new and striking colors to modern designs. The attire includes a pair of versatile pants with deep blue, purple, and yellow patterns, a tye-dye kaftan shirt with purple and orange dyes, and a cute matching rosey headwrap with a skirt. The vibrancy of culture is always here to stay and slay. Make sure that you look for something that you feel unique in!

North African Collection

This North African Collection features dresses, pants, and shirts begging for a beautiful person to fit into and call home. The collection includes gorgeous sparkling dresses (including a Pink Hijab Dress!) and patterned print pants. We are so excited that the vibrant yet elusive clothing choices include North African-inspired patterns!

Azu Collection

 Obioma offers everyone a kaleidoscope of styles and colors (with all sizes included!). This is our most pristine collection named after the featured traditional textile Akpirikpa Azu. Azu translates into “fish scales” and accurately describes our fresh print which is scaled to look like a luxurious texture.

The Azu collection includes different styles of shirts, dresses, blazers, suits, shorts, and pants for formal or celebratory events. We made these with adoration for a comfortable and vibrant look that will have others staring in approval. Elevate your closet, dive into our collection, and find the perfect fit!


Uzoma Collection

This womenswear collection has many styles and fabrics that are unique and eye catching.

Uzoma Collection